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Data Science

Every sector of society is undergoing a historic transformation driven by big data. RENCI is committed to transforming data into discoveries by partnering with leading universities, government, and the private sector to create tools and technologies that facilitate data access, sharing, analysis, management, and archiving.

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HeLx is a command center for data science communities. HeLx empowers researchers in domains as varied as plant genomics, biomedical science, clinical x, and neuroscience to do work with their preferred tools close to the data in the cloud at scale.

HeLx is operated out of the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The platform was born from RENCI’s experience empowering diverse science communities to use advanced computing infrastructures. We learned that research communities have a wide array of data science tools in their daily toolbox, but provisioning these tools in modern cloud native environments with appropriate security, networking, and persistence support is daunting. HeLx serves as an on-ramp for these communities to assemble the right tools and to help them scale from on-premise to cloud infrastructures.


RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute) develops and deploys advanced technologies to enable research discoveries and practical innovations. RENCI partners with researchers, government, and industry to engage and solve the problems that affect North Carolina, our nation, and the world.

An institute of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, RENCI was launched in 2004 as a collaboration involving UNC Chapel Hill , Duke University , and North Carolina State University .

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